Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Remote place along the Mekong - Pak Chom

Highway 2108 in Loei
After spending a good time in the province of Loei and seeing the wonderful mountains, forests, rice fields and remote caves, we continued our journey through the North-East of Thailand and chose several remote roads back up to the Mekong river. 

Highway 2108 lead us through some very remote stretches of rural Loei with almost no traffic and some very picturesque rice farming country with mountains in the distance. 

Huge rocks dot the Mekong river
We met up with the Mekong in the small town of Pak Chom, after the river rejoins with Thailand's border and winds along the district of Chiang Khan. Pak Chom would be our last and northern-most district of the province of Loei. 

Passenger boat on the river
The Mekong has become a pretty wide stream here which is covered with huge rocks and rapids. In the distance we made out small boats, which when they came closer turned into decent size ships with lots of passengers moving upstream. 

Passenger boat moving upstream
Only through my 300 mm lens was I able to make out the passengers on the boat and it put the size of the river into perspective, as the boat managed it's way through the river rapids and rocks. 

The road to the province of Nong Khai winds along the river here and invites the traveller to many stops along the way. Nothing specific to see here, other than a beautiful river and nice landscape. 

Ghost houses along the Mekong

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