Saturday, November 9, 2013


A really really long way from home is Na Tan in Ubon Ratchathani province of Thailand. Yet we drove here twice to see a famous temple and because the mighty Mekong river here offers not only a great view, but also viewpoints, river rapids, rocks in the middle of the river and more. 

The view from the temple Wat Phra To, also known as Wat Pak Saeng (at least a sign said that) is really great. A viewing area right next to the temple gave us a clear view downstream and onto the huge boulders of rocks blowing the flow of the river. 
High water during rainy season
From behind the temple stairs lead down to the water and to the boats which cross the river here. During the rainy season or after it, the Mekong riverbed is full with water and there is no way to even step down much. But during the dry season we walked halfway into the riverbed, close to the border markings inside the riverbed. I believe we actually crossed the border here for a second or two, without any paperwork. But of course we did not make it across the small river to go up the other side. 
Lower water levels in dry season
Wat Phra To has a large Lan Chang Buddha statue called Phra Chao Yai Ong Tue, which is highly respected by the local people here and which looks out over the mighty Mekong to the Lao side. 

It's a very quiet place here and far from any larger city, but well worth to travel to for a day trip.